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“The fear of getting caught gives an adrenaline rush that generates excitement and energy throughout your body, which can enhance the physical experience," Sadie Allison, Ph D, AASECT-certified sexologist and author of If you’re interested in public sex but not ready to go all-out yet, public fingering is one way to ease into it.You could wear a skirt or dress for easy access, and go commando if you’d like (though pulling your panties to the side might be just as hot).But in 2019, it's hard to be a platform without live video.Twitter has Periscope, Google has You Tube Live, Amazon has Twitch.It would seem that the recently shuttered SG Nasi Lemak group is not even the first of its kind.

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The group is no longer live on Telegram, but at the point of its closure, it had over 44,000 active members — a shocking number that’s made even more appalling when it was revealed within chats that there were up to 46,000 at its peak.Promising fixes to erectile dysfunction and better stamina in bed, the brands being sold are not unlike the ones seen on the streets of Geylang. One positive offshoot that has come out from the ghastly hullaballoo is another Telegram group chat similarly titled SG Nasi Lemak.Though it's unclear when the group was set up, it was only over the last couple of days that the local Twitterverse became aware of its existence. This time around, they’re taking back the name of the beloved dish — over 100 members are chatting about actual nasi lemak and where to find them. With Tumblr out of the picture, the glut of local smut has since migrated to Telegram chats, which are well able to host tens of thousands of users in a single private group.The anonymity ensured by Telegram (you don’t have to make your phone number visible) furthers the popularity of these private spaces.Twitter user @sajidvhhh posted on Sept 30 about her experience scrolling through the group chat’s content, vowing to expose all the members who make up SG Nasi Lemak. Public sex is a common kink: one 2017 survey found that 56.4% of men and 43.8% of women were turned on by the idea of having sex in public. One 2015 You Gov survey found that 36% of Americans have already While technically illegal in many states, public sex is often a misdemeanor rather than a serious crime — and for many people, the taboo is part of what makes it so hot.Whether you’re looking for inspiration, arousal, or are just curious, we hope you enjoy these public fingering stories from Reddit.On Friday, a series of cryptic posts began to appear on r/pan, a Reddit community that seemed to materialize out of nowhere.Public fingering can be either a form of foreplay, or you could go ahead and have an orgasm right there (or hey, why not both? Or maybe you don’t want to have public sex yourself, but you find reading about it to be really hot.Not all fantasies have to become a reality, after all.

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