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Every single statement Andy wrote above is absolutely true.I don’t know you, and I have no reason to lie to you.As I talk to single women I find that their focus is on circumstances surrounding them and the person they hope to meet.Seldom are the women concerned with who they are becoming.The first chapter explains myths we often believe about dating and relationships – the biggest being The Right Person Myth which says “there’s a right person for you, and once you find your right person, everything will be all right (p.22).” Andy unpacks this myth by discussing other false beliefs such as when a relationship feels right it is right, sexual compatibility makes someone the right person, passion will sustain love and make the relationship survive, a baby will make everything better, looking for “right person” will make everything all right, and my friends and family are delusional when they don’t approve of this relationship.

He opens this up with a plea to This is the reason I wish I had taken the One Year No Dating Challenge when I was single. And after you’re married, preparation is impossible. If you get nothing else from the book, you need to get this.

However, I think this challenge is for a broader scope of women and this is the reason.

When I was single I was not in bondage to sexual sin. I was not perfect, and I do have regrets, but on a spectrum I can’t say this was my primary area of defeat.

My lifestyle was not such that I struggled tremendously in this area. However, I was in bondage to another kind of sin that has brought me regret even years later as a married woman.

This is why I call myself a “recovering single.” I made men and marriage idols in my life instead of passionately pursuing my relationship with Jesus.

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  1. In fact, I might even like to punch myself in the nose for it. For example, I had a college sweetheart, the girl of my dreams. We totally "clicked." We waited for awhile, then, through my initiation, we started having sex. I stopped wanting to get to know her on any other level.