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Many in fact are already even reaping the benefits.

Any business that works towards significantly reducing its energy consumption is therefore doing a national service.Conviction leads to commitment, which in turn spells the success of the ‘business case’ for CSR.This article, while not a case study per se, examines how one company in Pakistan is driven by such a commitment and is undertaking a project that aims at significantly reducing its environmental footprint, while paying back into the company directly.It is a rapidly growing trend that is by no means restricted to these 3 countries, and even in some Asian countries like Malaysia, CSR reporting is mandatory for all public listed companies.Whether CSR reporting is mandatory or voluntary, the strategy for embedding CSR into the business which precedes reporting, needs first of all a well-researched conviction that this is needed and beneficial.For example, in line with its Environmental Policy, Tetra Pak has instituted forestry guidelines.The ultimate goal is that all wood in the paperboard the Company buys comes from forests independently certified as responsibly managed.At first the internal energy guidelines of Tetra Pak were thoroughly examined.Then load flow study for consumption dynamics and energy audit reports were evaluated.In Pakistan, Tetra Pak has initiated and supported used beverage cartons recycling projects for a number of years, even going on to win the Environmental Excellence Award at the prestigious Asian CSR Awards in 2009 for its recycling initiative.Now Tetra Pak Pakistan is focusing on an area, reduction in energy usage, which is deeply significant for a number of reasons.

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