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For more information please review our cookie policy.You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released.More so, many features that parents request are just not available to them as they are not built into i OS.The main question to ask is, how involved can you practically be with having physical access for each child/device?They are also less likely to have a 3G/LTE enabled i Phone or i Pad, and so their home internet access via Wi-Fi is easier to manage.However, you may have school-aged children often away from home, or you are a busy parent who can rarely be tied to your child’s device.

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If you trust your child with particular internet content but don’t want them staying up until 3 am in bed, how do you solve that?So why the disappointment with their parental controls?To be fair, it has nothing to do with Apple, but the ever-changing landscape and the ebb and flow of global societies’ morals and values when it comes to parenting and technology.Part of what makes Apple products so great is their operating system(s).Whether it is their desktop and laptop OS – OSX or their mobile device operating system – i OS, the software makes using an Apple device wonderful!Additionally, by linking the device to your i Cloud account, you can further manage it by displaying the mobile device’s GPS location and getting i Messages from the child’s i Phone or i Pad, for instance.While all of these restriction options seem great, they have limited practical use unless you happen to have 24/7 access to the device and want to spend a lot of time managing each child’s device interaction.When you have physical access to the device, many of these restriction toggles are great.For younger kids, you can get somewhat restrictive with the presented choices.If you are always home, and your child is with you most of the time, and you have their device readily available, then by all means, the built-in Apple parental controls will be a great and free solution for most issues.Younger children, typically under 10, spend much of their time with parents and rarely travel outside the confines of the home.

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