Dtf sites

For example, connector corrosion can be detected early and weather seals replaced before moisture destroys expensive cables.

DTF finds these problems because the FDR technique can accurately detect very small performance changes within the transmission line.

The distance is then calculated from this information by knowing the propagation velocity.

The relative propagation velocity of a coax transmission line is required for distance calculation.

Eventually these problems cause intermittent outage and failures at exactly the times they are least welcome, such as during storms or during extreme periods of cold.

Usually, all the site’s cables are replaced based upon the assumption that maintenance calls are imminent on other feeds in addition to the problem cable.

This dual role of predicting future failure conditions and isolating existing problems makes DTF an important part of service and maintenance on transmission lines.

DTF displays RF return loss or VSWR data versus distance.

Many components can cause problems in a communication system.

Transmission lines are typically the most common failure point.

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