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different, does my spouse's involvement with cybersex give me grounds for divorce?I recently discovered that he's been involved in an ongoing "relationship" via the Internet.Because “virtual reality” is such a new and relatively untested phenomenon, it’s difficult to know exactly what it to different people.How is it perceived and experienced, physically, mentally, and emotionally, on the individual level?Is it really a more serious problem than, say, addiction to online pornography?To put it bluntly, can it be regarded as adulterous, does that mean that it gives the violated partner biblical grounds for divorce?You’re correct to point out that Jesus equates lust in the heart with the act of adultery.

But having said this, we feel compelled to ask the point?

It’s possible that the “reality” of “virtual sex” is largely in the eye of the beholder.

Some participants may approach it as a genuine interpersonal encounter with meaningful relational overtones.

That’s because “relationship” at any level implies a degree of emotional entanglement.

When the heart gets drawn into the web, there’s a greater potential for pathology.

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