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The comic shop cannot give you retail for your comic books.They have to make money on the deal, so expect to make a lot less than if you try to sell them yourself.

You’ll find galleries, museum browsing, alluring back lanes, over a dozen pubs, live music venues and dance clubs.Craigslist has become the king of classifieds around the United States and is the go to destination for local sales of items.It can't hurt to try to sell your comic books locally to avoid the fees associated with auction sites.If you are smart you will find some ways to maximize profits and keep your workload low by breaking up your comics into the most desirable lots or cherry picking out the most valuable ones and selling those individually.Either way, e Bay is still a big place for buyers and sellers of comic books.Call ahead to find out when the buyer is there and bring them on down.This can be a great way to offload some comics quickly and make some cash.You might also be careful in listing your address in the posting to avoid theft.If you are in a hurry and don't care about getting top dollar, then a local comic shop that sells back issues could be a great way to go.Canada Day festivities set for Nelson’s Rotary Lakeside Park Monday July 1st.The entertainment is scheduled, and community groups all gearing with a family-oriented activity, as the Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce rolls out Canada day 2019.

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