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Breach date: 1 January 2011 Date added to HIBP: 26 September 2017 Compromised accounts: 9,121,434 Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords, Usernames Permalink In July 2018, the health and fitness service 8fit suffered a data breach.The data subsequently appeared for sale on a dark web marketplace in February 2019 and included over 15M unique email addresses alongside names, genders, IP addresses and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes. Breach date: 1 July 2018 Date added to HIBP: 21 March 2019 Compromised accounts: 15,025,407 Compromised data: Email addresses, Genders, Geographic locations, IP addresses, Names, Passwords Permalink In June 2017, the online playlists service known as 8Tracks suffered a data breach which impacted 18 million accounts.Breach date: 19 February 2018 Date added to HIBP: 26 February 2018 Compromised accounts: 80,115,532 Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords Permalink In December 2017, the Belgian motorcycle forum 2fast4u discovered a data breach of their system.The breach of the v Bulletin message board impacted over 17k individual users and exposed email addresses, usersnames and salted MD5 passwords.

The data was being actively traded on underground forums and included email addresses, birth dates and passwords.

In approximately March 2015, the free web hosting provider 000webhost suffered a major data breach that exposed almost 15 million customer records.

The data was sold and traded before 000webhost was alerted in October.

The password cryptography was poorly done and many were quickly resolved back to plain text.

The unencrypted hints also disclosed much about the passwords adding further to the risk that hundreds of millions of Adobe customers already faced.

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